Vanished Memories!!!

Vanished Memories!!!.

This is a poem written by Tiny Toes, whose poetry blog I really liked… There’s a link to it on her blog, do visit. But this one particular poem….I can relate to it. I love it. Tribute to tinytoes.

The question that appears here is…… how to forget memories like these? How to forget painful experiences, depressing thoughts and memories? Well, one way would be to use the wonderful forgetting pills which erase painful memories forever and probably cost a ton. Or we could just not think about it or…get a therapist to do something. Then another question which pops into my mind is… Is it easy to just not think about it? No, definitely not. But maybe with practice. And enough determination. Then again, it’s probably easier for the people with magical memories which tend to remember only the good stuff, and forget the pain.

The questions don’t end here. Here’s one more. Do we want  to forget them? Or should we want to? In my opinion, no. As Moment Matters said in his post, every single  moment of my past life constitutes to who I am today. And if I’m okay with who I am today, I wouldn’t want to forget any moment.[ Moments matter 😉 ]. Instead, I’d try learning from each one of those memories. And maybe stop it from happening again with me, or with anyone else, if it’s too late for myself.

And even if I’m not content with or happy with who I am today, even if I don’t like myself, which I don’t… I’d still not want to erase them. Of course I’d wanna erase the really bad stuff which is seriously unhealthy and I think I’d have been a much better and much less disturbed person without it… But then there are some memories…which have some really good moments linked to them…which I do not want to let go of. Ever. Even though they didn’t end good. But still, no, I wouldn’t want to erase even the bad parts of those memories……. I’m very sure of that.

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