dark period within evolution

Everything evolves, sometimes into nothingness, and sometimes into expansive energy which holds power to bring a million dreams to life. Within that process of evolution is a dark period: one in which little light enters, always to be consumed by the darkness. But if we can hold on to that little bit of light, cling […]

Sparrow and Canary

Look up in the sky; the Sparrow and the Canary The Sparrow and the Canary met over a pond They stared at their reflections and wondered upon How the Sparrow saw yellow and the Canary saw brown Here I write there story as the fly across town It needs not flowery words nor delicate strokes […]

It will

You can talk about it You can mutter, you can grumble You can complain, whine and curse But you cannot change reality It will remain stamped on your forehead It will pollute your blood, your air It will drill holes into your dreams It will puncture your lungs And take you to Oblivion. ~Moniba.


Her: Try again.. try to sleep. The other person: I cant. Her: Try. At least your eyes won’t hurt. The other person: What about the heart? Her: It’s not broken. The other person: Are my eyes broken?… Her: *silence* The other person: I feel like giving up on life. Her: Why so? The other person: Such depressing feelings.. […]

In weakness is your strength, and in strength your weakness

Exactly four tears trickled out of her eyes. “I want to be brave, I want to be brave, I want to be brave,” she silently chanted to herself. You’ll be the bravest person on Earth if you let yourself cry right now. “No, I can’t. I won’t. I’m stronger than this.” Holding back tears isn’t strength. […]