It will

You can talk about it You can mutter, you can grumble You can complain, whine and curse But you cannot change reality It will remain stamped on your forehead It will pollute your blood, your air It will drill holes into your dreams It will puncture your lungs And take you to Oblivion. ~Moniba.


Her: Try again.. try to sleep. The other person: I cant. Her: Try. At least your eyes won’t hurt. The other person: What about the heart? Her: It’s not broken. The other person: Are my eyes broken?… Her: *silence* The other person: I feel like giving up on life. Her: Why so? The other person: Such depressing feelings.. […]

Finish that jigsaw puzzle.

Two children had an early morning today. They decided not to disturb their parents and played a game of jigsaw puzzles between the two of them.They couldn’t even complete the game, it was time for school. Grudgingly, they left the game half completed, on their dining table, and left for school. Their mother smiled at […]

In weakness is your strength, and in strength your weakness

Exactly four tears trickled out of her eyes. “I want to be brave, I want to be brave, I want to be brave,” she silently chanted to herself. You’ll be the bravest person on Earth if you let yourself cry right now. “No, I can’t. I won’t. I’m stronger than this.” Holding back tears isn’t strength. […]

Sometimes I hate exploring

There are times… When I hate exploring. The world, the world wide web, people, myself… It seems to bring out a lot of bad stuff. I explore the world, I see evil, I see difficulties, I see sinister propaganda, I see so many global problems that won’t be solved any time soon. I explore the […]