I’m like that woman sitting on the floor with her hair in her hands, her expression that of a lost baby, sifting through photo albums of the past and present and future, her thoughts screaming in confusing frustration. She does not know where she is, neither can she guess where she is going. She knows […]

Sparrow and Canary

Look up in the sky; the Sparrow and the Canary The Sparrow and the Canary met over a pond They stared at their reflections and wondered upon How the Sparrow saw yellow and the Canary saw brown Here I write there story as the fly across town It needs not flowery words nor delicate strokes […]

Finish that jigsaw puzzle.

Two children had an early morning today. They decided not to disturb their parents and played a game of jigsaw puzzles between the two of them.They couldn’t even complete the game, it was time for school. Grudgingly, they left the game half completed, on their dining table, and left for school. Their mother smiled at […]