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From a Formerly Disillusioned Pakistani

The Sounds of Freedom by PSO

Today is the 75th independence day of Pakistan. This dear little country, so often dwarfed and swept under the rug with her neighbour India, has completed her 74th year as an independent state.

I find myself so often changing my opinions on this matter. Two days ago, when I was reminded that the independence day was near, I felt disinterested. What independence? Have you seen the state of the country? Have you seen the state of the people? Then yesterday, I saw a delivery man riding his bike proudly adorned with small flags of Pakistan on both its handles. And today, the 14th of August, I woke up to wishes of a happy independence day. I thought again, is the country happy? Are its people happy? Does this day deserve celebration? Why did the separation happen at all? Maybe it would’ve been better if it hadn’t. At least these two countries wouldn’t be ceaselessly bickering over every issue. So much blood could’ve been spared. Think of how bloody the events of the partition were…

Then it ocurred to me, would those people whose blood was spilled, want us to treat this day with such disdain? Would this day matter to them? Of course, it would. Why? Because they believed in the purpose behind the partition. They believed they deserved a land to practise Islam with freedom. They believed that they mattered.

So much of this has now been reduced to “What independence? Have you seen the state of the country? Have you seen the state of the people?” And perhaps, intentionally. We have come to believe our country, its purpose, its people don’t really matter much anymore. Where are we on the map? How many awards did we win in the Olympics? How does the world look at us?

Well, is that why we fought for independence anyway?

There are good people. And there are bad people. Neither of these define the country. What defines the country is its founding principle? Why did Iqbal voice his dream? What exactly was his dream? A land of Islam, by Islam, for Islam. Not even Muslims. Islam. Not a land of the people, by the people, for the people. A land where the word of Allah could be propagated and hailed with freedom. A land where people of Allah could worship Him and invite others to worship Him. Where the Azaan could soar high and proud.

So now, when I say, Happy Independence Day to my fellow Pakistanis, I say it with a proud, hopeful heart. Proud that we’re still standing. Hopeful that we will be able to restore our country to its intended glory. I don’t say it from a nationalistic perspective, I say it from a Muslim’s perspective.

This isn’t to say that all is well. This is to say that all can be well. If only we remember why we gained freedom in the first place… If only we remember it was Allah who made this happen the way it did… If only we remember to live in the present, to better the present, to create the present.

Finish that jigsaw puzzle.

Two children had an early morning today. They decided not to disturb their parents and played a game of jigsaw puzzles between the two of them.They couldn’t even complete the game, it was time for school. Grudgingly, they left the game half completed, on their dining table, and left for school. Their mother smiled at them from the door, reminded them to finish their lunch which she had prepared like everyday, so lovingly.
But then, they had an early night as well. Hours before night was to come. It is 5 pm. They are not back yet. The jigsaw puzzle remains unfinished. The only difference-they’re a little wet, and very salty.


Today has been tragic. A school of Peshawar, Pakistan was attacked by some ruthless, heartless, vile militants. A hundred children died. For nothing. A hundred stories like the one above. A hundred early nights. Way too early. Let this not be about a school, a city, a province, a country, or a religion. Let this be about those children. Let this also be about their teachers, about the people who died trying to save them. Let this be about bleeding hearts. Let this be about dead little humans, and about alive little humans. Let this be about this tragedy. Cry. Be remorseful. Depress yourself. Let everything be gloomy. Let the sun vanish, let the clouds go grey, let the dark prevail.
And then think of those children. Think of their rosy cheeks, bright smiles, colourful eyes, beautiful lives. Let that colour your life. Breathe it in. Breathe them in. For their souls are now all around you. Let that colour seep in, absorb it. Then make their deaths worthwhile. Finish that jigsaw puzzle.

Complementary Sounds of Life

I wrote this just to write, since I’ve been close to losing my partially established identity as a writer. And so, it’s rough and unedited.

Complementary Sounds of Life

Whoosh goes the sound of wind
Pitter patter for the rain
Chitter chatter go the words
And blank goes silence.

Crack goes the gun, boom goes the bomb
Chaos of war and mayhem for lives
But there, two doves chirping concord
The sound of peace – after war.

The bubbly sound of bliss
The silent trip of tears
The wailing noise of mental war
The depressing silence of misery.

Look how they complement each other
The light balances the dark
The dark gives way to light
Same goes for everything.

They’re companions, they hold hands
With one comes the other
With the other comes the one
And life happens when they embrace.


Let’s try him again.

Dear Pakistan… You have a new ruler now. He’s been tried and tested twice before now… They weren’t very good experiences. But the people of Pakistan want to try him again. Let’s see how the next 5 years turn out for you. We’re still with you.  We’re still trying.

Dear Country… We know you’re tired. But you do know, the night has to get quite dark, darker than it is now, before light starts coming through. And when it does come through, it’s going to shine bright. Until then, we’ll continue doing our part.

Dear country… We will continue doing our part, I assure you. We will not give up on you. Even though, hope seems to be scarce right now, but we’re going to get back up, and we’re going to fight for you. We will make sure Pakistan becomes Pakistan, literally. We will see the sun rising,  but unfortunately, we will have to see it set completely before it rises.

Dear country… We got you after a gazillion sacrifices, we do not want to lose you now… Not after we’ve come so far. When I think of the time period from 1930 to 1947, I see the Muslims of the subcontinent trying so hard, for you. Crying for you, dying for you, breathing for you. Giving everything up in hopes of you. Sacrificing their  days and nights, their blood and sweat, their lives and their homes, their families, their present, past and future… I imagine what they must have felt when they actually witnessed your creation… And I imagine the pain and bliss of those who never got to see you but believed with everything they had, that their sacrifices would mean a lot to you. Then I imagine the torture they must have all felt, and the pain you must have suffered when you were divided, after being complete for not very long. When a part of you separated itself from you… But you survived it. You got back up, and so did the people. You always do, my dear Pakistan… You are strong. You’ve had to be.

You time to rise...is not very far
You time to rise…is not very far

Dear country… Live strong. You will survive this wave too. Your people are waking up from their deep slumber. There is hope still. You are the land we acquired in the name of Allah. He will make sure you survive, and rise…as high as you can.



To all those who think Pakistan is a hopeless case, and not at all worth fighting for, I assure you, it is not! It is our country. achieved after a long period of struggle on part of our ancestors. After loss of millions, we gained this country. A separate islamic state, which was well worth the fight. And it still is. You might not agree, but why do you not look underneath the bomb blasts and the corruption? Why do you not see the country for what it is, instead of seeing its people for what they’ve become??

Why, oh why, do we insist on seeing only the bad, and not the good? Why is the good always veiled by the bad?… 😥

The state of our country indeed is bad, much more than bad. No need to state the situation here, we all know. And deep down, we all know the reasons too. No need to state those either. But we should try to end the problems from the root, and not just pick on the branches.

For now, let’s try to see why Pakistan is not a hopeless case.

  •  First reason; it still has a majority of hopeful people. There are people who still are trying, and can bring change. A good change. A revolutionary change. We need to give them time. Or better yet, join them, become one of them, and stop complaining about how insecure and corrupt the country is. If we’re not helping, we have no right to whine. And if we are trying to help, the we should have no reason, nor time to complain.
  • Second reason; Do you not see all other powers fighting for “our country”???? Pakistan is our country! Blessed with all resources. It has every mineral, every rock of value, every resource a country could want or need. They only need to be dug out. By the right people. And then to be used in the right way. All it needs is a strong fight… like that of  ’47 and ’65. All we need is a lot of faith… That will give us the strength, the confidence, the wisdom, and the opportunities that we need. That will give us the best force we can ask for…
  • Third reason; A cause is lost only when a positive end can not be envisioned. In fact, not even then. There may be light in the darkness. A cause is never lost….  It only dies with the people within whom it lives, I think.
  • Fourth reason, and a million more reasons; The struggle of our ancestors was not for nothing. If they still struggled after losing so much in 1857, and finally achieved that which seemed impossible, after nearly a hundred years, in 1947, then can we not do the same?… If that is so, then it is not the country that is a lost cause, but us. Pakistan is a country with a purpose. It is a country created in the name of our Creator. He will not let it burn to ashes.

But it has to get pitch dark, before a ray of light can show…

“I feel sad today…” ; A guest post.

Following is a guest post, by a very dear friend, who has put into words her worthy emotions about our country Pakistan…

“I feel sad today! I am sad because of my country being looked down upon. I feel sad because my people are dying. I feel sad when I see families cry. I feel sad when there is no one to listen their grief. I feel sad due to the negligence towards our education. I feel sad because we are killing our own people. I feel sad about many other things as well but I don’t know for how long will this feeling take over me. We all feel sad for one moment and partying the other. Even right now I see people who are happy! It won’t be wrong to say that our hearts have turned into stones, hard and numb.

 Usually at this hour of night, I enjoy my favorite beats or novels but today I don’t feel like doing any such thing. Words may not be able to express it all but I would still like to use my right of freedom of expression.

 Our country is falling apart, we need to save it! Innocent people are being killed from Quetta to Hazara to Kashmir to Peshawar to Karachi. Just name it and that area is surrounded with terrorism. My heart melts when I see the innocent questioning eyes filled with fear. Fear of the unknown!

 We’ve become so brutal that people who die daily are given least importance. It is just like a daily dosage! Indeed, this situation is very alarming and it makes the heart weep.

 I don’t even know where this article is leading too but I just wanted to let it all out. Few days back while interacting on social website a guy responded “Sure we love Pakistan but there is no such thing as hope for Pakistan”. I felt deeply grieved. Is it true?!  If there is no such thing as hope how can we say we will bring a change? How can we comment that whatever is happening is wrong… it indicates we are still hopeful but we have lost track in the dark!

 To bring a change we need to keep our feelings alive. We behave like deadly, rough sea towards our fellow human beings, careless and reckless! We’ve become selfish. We just want to stay safe and for that we can push the other person in hell, without giving it a second thought.

 Someone once told me “People are not bad. It is the time and situation that are bad.” Like every other person I hope it’s just the time and situation. I hope this time will change. I hope the sun will rise and shine. I hope spring will come. I hope the flowers of happiness will blossom and I hope I will be able to dance in happy rain without any fear.”

-Fizza Malik