Death dictates

It blows its frosty breath and holds its silver sceptre the knob glows with its latest kill. (Soft departure is only soft to the onlookers.) Death dictates its purple toes twitch in line with frozen blood. (Cold storage is cold to everyone.) It uses full stops as its only punctuation and knows no hyphens definitely […]


Originally posted on Randomly Abstract:
Amidst sky hues, Setting suns, misty blues, Silences lapsing into eternities, infinities; Our poetry calls us to listen. ◊ Took this on my return route from Nathiagali, Pakistan. Got inspired by the daily post’s challenge to share it because this trip meant all sorts of magic to me.

Picture on the mantel

  There’s a picture on the mantel A picture that I love Of you and me together Twenty years afore. It was taken in our hometown Afront that crazy, little barn The one we painted red To make our world glow warm. It reminds me now of moments The ones that we have lived It […]

Why do you shout so? You do know it’s all in vain. When the veins begin to pop in your head and your blood begins to curdle and you take the first of your last breaths, is that when you’ll learn? They won’t listen, you know. No one ever wants to listen. You don’t either. […]

A Rainbow Awaits

Naive little water drops never knew What they were, what they could do Upon their downfall they saw the sun The sun shone bright and magic spun A band of colours poured from the drops Exquisite scenery high above the crops Bright old sun had till then just burned It saw then the rainbow the […]


You told me you felt lost. What I should’ve said is, come to me, rest your head upon my shoulder, let me be lost with you, let us find our way together…. What I said was, where are you lost from? I knew where. I knew you felt flustered with the feelings swirling so fast […]

but did you listen? no you had no reason to listen you were at the top of the world soaring high you always did remind me of icarus but did your wings melt? no, no they revelled in the sun glowed brighter, flew stronger blazing hot but did you have enough? no, never you had […]

i never knew i was capable of darkness not until it seeped out of me in ways i could not put a stop to and seeped out with uncontrollable pace sometimes it was visible only to myself other times it was blatant and red i never knew it was there though not until i was […]