to the poet

you spin with the rings of Saturn and twirl around the stars when they combust you catch wisps of their memories as they die having witnessed centuries and use them greedily as you scribble your poems, unconscious of yourself. -Moniba. Advertisements

Picture on the mantel

  There‚Äôs a picture on the mantel A picture that I love Of you and me together Twenty years afore. It was taken in our hometown Afront that crazy, little barn The one we painted red To make our world glow warm. It reminds me now of moments The ones that we have lived It […]

Sparrow and Canary

Look up in the sky; the Sparrow and the Canary The Sparrow and the Canary met over a pond They stared at their reflections and wondered upon How the Sparrow saw yellow and the Canary saw brown Here I write there story as the fly across town It needs not flowery words nor delicate strokes […]

Grandma with her crooked fingers

Grandma with her crooked fingers Told me all her secrets She could not speak, she could not hear Her fingers spoke, her eyes heard all Grandma with her crooked fingers Told me to always walk straight Crooked things she said are bad Unless they’re crooked body parts Grandma with her crooked fingers Told me to […]

It will

You can talk about it You can mutter, you can grumble You can complain, whine and curse But you cannot change reality It will remain stamped on your forehead It will pollute your blood, your air It will drill holes into your dreams It will puncture your lungs And take you to Oblivion. ~Moniba.

Perfectly Imperfect

In the sky of my mind Echoed the winds of longing I silenced the noise And listened to sweet nostalgia Nostalgia’s song tasted like Honey, tartar and rose petals Smoke rose from each petal Forming clouds in the sky of my mind The winds of longing blew harsh Each petrous note of nostalgia piercing the […]