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Have you ever thought of how some things are everything and nothing at the same time? I find it strange. It is strange, obviously. And have you thought of how almost every statement can be justified in one way or another? And that many opposite things can actually equal each other? If you’ve thought of […]

Palestine, Oh Palestine

There is this place It’s called Palestine It used to be pretty And peaceful and lively The people lived as they do Everywhere else. Then there came to be this place It’s called Israel Which is basically Palestine But mercilessly occupied It attacked Palestine And took over most of its land. So now in Palestine […]

Goodbyes are not forever: A Gift for you

I’ve decided to take a break from blogging. I think I’ll start again in December maybe. But i’m not sure. So I wanted to leave you all with something amazing. Something powerful, beautiful, productive and worth your time. so here goes: ` I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Massacre of the Muslim Ummah

I am angry. That’s a mild word though, for what i’m feeling. Is the world blind? Are the people standing for “the religion of humanity” dead now? Why don’t you see the massacre of Egypt? And before this, the massacre of Burma??  Why don’t I see an uproar  against this?! Are the Muslims dead too? […]

Meaningful, Meaningless, Meaningful.

Me: Tell me. Why does life have to be this way? The other person: It’s a mystery. Me: Why, though? The other person: It’s a game. You see, the difficulty keeps changing. You need to adjust, be better. Learn how to play the game. Me: It’s not a game… It can’t be. It’s life. True, […]

Let’s try him again.

Dear Pakistan… You have a new ruler now. He’s been tried and tested twice before now… They weren’t very good experiences. But the people of Pakistan want to try him again. Let’s see how the next 5 years turn out for you. We’re still with you.  We’re still trying. Dear Country… We know you’re tired. […]