dark period within evolution

Everything evolves, sometimes into nothingness, and sometimes into expansive energy which holds power to bring a million dreams to life. Within that process of evolution is a dark period: one in which little light enters, always to be consumed by the darkness. But if we can hold on to that little bit of light, cling […]

Go now, please.

But that is not how things are. That is not how life is. That is not how people are. And that is not how you should be. Listen to me. Listen now. Stop whining and lend me your earĀ – the right one. Now listen, once and for allĀ – though I shall not hesitate repeating it […]

Humans fly

Have you ever seen birds fly? How they flap their wings and then hold them still mid-air? After having done their part, they let the wind carry them. Still they do not relinquish control completely. They control their direction, steer themselves the way they want to. Even though they depend upon the wind to carry […]

The little girl and her balloon

{Watch the slideshow too, it’s just a doodle for fun.} The little girl clutched her balloon tightly Careful not to let it go. She loved it and wanted it to stay with her Forever. Alas, she clutched too tightly, The balloon flew up to the ceiling of the room. Horrified, she looked. Determined, she climbed […]

“When Nothing turns into Everything”

I wrote this story in early 2013, to enter into a competition held by Oxford University Press. A few days ago they sent me these pages and informed me that the story had been selected and published in their book “I’ll find my way” which is to be released on 7th February 2014.

I and Myself [Part 2]: Realization

I stop to think a while And then I realize… Running away never helps We humans, we Like to complicate everything If something disturbs me I should just admit it And deal with it Accordingly So I went back to sleep I dreamt again I dreamt of the past, the present, and future I dreamt […]

I and Myself [Part 1] : Discovery

“My Self argues with me, that it can not live with Me, unless I change my Self.” I drift in dreams… I feel myself I relax I’m in my world now There’s no one to judge There’s no one to look There’s no one To disrupt my peace To kill my dreams Inside of a […]