He looks up at the crying sky and
Touches his heart
He feels the tears inside and
Comforts the sky by joining it.

Train tracks, poetry, his old guitar
Free wind in his hair, free thought in his mind
He conjures up anything from
Psychotic men to mute Anettes

Look into his eyes and you will see
Secrets of the lava burning inside this earth
He knows the sky’s dreams and
He can paint them in his words

Today he might cry with the sky
But tomorrow the sky shall smile with him
That small subtle smile will play hide and seek
On the slightly upturned lips too shy of joy

Magical snowmen and transatlantic songs
Might have been your mantra
Poet’s anxiety and exhausted lines
Might be your bland present

The future might come late
It might ask some sailing, some flying
But it shall be all blazing colours and
The musk deer shall find happiness in itself.

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