Some people pass as time passes. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, their memory passes too from our minds as our thoughts pass. But some people are so precious, we keep retracing their memories consciously so we may never sin so much as to be able to forget them. Some people mean that much, so much that time cannot erase them, time does not even slightly alter their presence, and even if it attempts to, those people beat time.


2 thoughts on “1094

  1. But how much of that is projection?

    It was only after I emerged from almost a decade of crippling grief that I began to understand why I’d been unable to let go of those I had cared about. Because I myself didn’t want to be let go of. I feared that if I forgot those I lost I would be deserving of being forgotten after I died.

    It was just my own fear of death manifesting in a different form long after I thought I’d defeated it.

    A lot of us secular Westerners hang desperately onto belief in a kind of virtual immortality. We don’t believe we physically or spiritually survive beyond death so we invent notions of living on in our works or in the hearts of those who knew us. But if we stop and think about it for a minute we’ll see how empty and illusory that is. How many of the creations you’ve poured your heart and soul into have been truly appreciated by anyone but you? How many people have you ever known who you think have understood you more than superficially? Who haven’t mostly projected their own needs and preconceptions onto the self-animated manikin they call by your name in the same way so many do to celebrities they will never meet? And so how many other people can you honestly say you know? Could it be that even those you love the most don’t appear to you as they are but rather as a shallow image you can fit into your own world-view? How could it be possible for a human being to know another when we know so little of ourselves?

    Time alters everything and everything passes with time. If you think you can hold a static image of someone or something that’s a pretty strong hint that the image you hold is missing the most vital part of them.

  2. How come are you not famous? How come people fail to notice? You’re a top writer. You’re the new dawn of literature, the brightest sky lantern of art. I’m your fan, you’re my favorite writer.

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