A Collage Poem: Rendezvous with Death

Note: A collage poem, is the literary version of a collage. Poets select a source text or texts — anything from traditional texts like books, magazines and newspapers to more nontraditional sources like product packaging, junk mail or court transcripts — then excerpt words and phrases from the text(s) to create a new piece.

The extent of my desires was plain to see
No, upon no account in the world
Don’t make her wait
Find in death our reward, find in extinction our wage  [Inner voice]
Make you his wife? No my dear lady
It will then become like giving up alcohol  [Life]
I have you, it’s all right
At one time, in one place, in my soul  [Death]
There was mad resolution in her face
It’s gonna be alright. It’s not the end of the world. It’s only a visit.   [Death]


Explanation: The speaker wants to commit suicide, his inner voice urges him to do so, Don’t make her wait. That would be the union of the man and Death, personified as a female, and one mustn’t keep the bride waiting at the altar. Life, or the design of Fate, denies the right of betrothal to Death. Death tries to console herself; Life and Death are partners. She’s still bent on having the m,an, and so she consoles herself; It’s gonna be alright. It’s not the end of the world. It’s only a visit– Ironic, coming from Death.


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