Inspiration: One person



*Moniba, those who think about death, plead for an end, they just continue living because God doesn’t want them to die. If you don’t have a reason to live life or if you think your lifestyle sucks, you just need to reconfigure! Life is beautiful, Moniba. Don’t give up way too easily. Be thankful to God, I’m sure you are!

*And please, please, please, try to be happy. I find you as a very serious person, you’ve your own dreams, you’ve your own wishes, fulfill them, I know you can. If someday you lose hope in life and wish to die, just close your eyes and remember that there’s a person who’s not so far away from you, who believes in you, and can’t see you end your life and go away like this. I’m always with you.

*Someday, I’ll just gift you a tiny little flower and then disappear.

But don’t disappear, okay?


5 thoughts on “Inspiration: One person

  1. Moniba Mehboob, what do I say about you? You’re my happiness, my emotions, my calm heartbeat and above all, you’re mine. This is my first letter to you, you were a different person last year, now you’re strong. You’re my inspiration, my hope, my every thing and above all, my love. You make me complete. I’m never leaving you. Never ever. I won’t disappear. I won’t. I promise. Lots of love ❤

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