Go now, please.

But that is not how things are. That is not how life is. That is not how people are. And that is not how you should be.

Listen to me. Listen now. Stop whining and lend me your ear – the right one. Now listen, once and for all – though I shall not hesitate repeating it for you all life long, whenever you might need to hear it – and I know you will. As will I. Nasiyaan, yes? So listen here.

Childhood is good. Golden, for most. And they later lament growing up. But dear God, if we were not to grow up, what would we do of our childhoods? We absolutely had to grow up so that our childhoods might be of some use.
For some, it is not good. It turns them blue forever. The strong ones turn the blue into a brighter shade. The weak ones let it dim, further dim, into grey. Even weaker ones ink it black.

Childhood is gone. It had to go. It came to go, as all mankind. We come to go. But between coming and going, there is a lot to be learnt and taught, a lot to do, a lot to let happen. So learn. And teach. And let life happen. Then learn more. And teach more. Learn by evolving, teach by being. Do something. The world will not accommodate you by itself. You have to make your own space. Criticize all thoughts, yes. But do it for a purpose, take something from it. Don’t do it for the sake of criticism, don’t do it for the sake of uniqueness, don’t do it for the sake of rebellion. Do it to actually do something.

And please, do something. You cannot let things be. It is in your power to bring a change. Do something as small as voting, or as big as introducing a reformed educational system. Don’t just badmouth the politicians, or politics itself. Do something about it. We write, we think, and we read. But what do we do? Study, if you’re doing that, but think, and plan on what you’ll do when you’re able to. And take my word for it, you can always do something. You’re small, but you make the universe. It is people like you who do great things, things that impact the world.

You cry about people wronging you. And you cry about people being ignorant of your affections, ignorant of the world, ignorant of people. You cry about people coming and going. Rise above that. Hold your heart. Look to those who are with you, and there are always some who are with you. And when no one is, He is. People are people. For others, you are people. It is okay. Rise above that. Life is about so much more.

You cry about messed up circumstances. Take my word for it, circumstances are so much worse in our heads than they really are. So don’t think too much. You’ll only tangle the wool more. Settle on something which gives you peace, and hold on to it. Faith gives you peace. Hold on to it. Circumstances don’t shape what happens to you, how you deal with them does. So deal. All will happen as you want it to, if you can hold on long enough.

And you. Stop crying. Pull on a strong countenance. Move forward. Flashbacks are flashbacks, don’t let them deprive you of the present. Sad thoughts are your own thoughts. Don’t let them dampen your spirits. Don’t indulge them. Do not.

Take that chair, pull it out, set your head down on it and think hard. Only five minutes. And then leave the seat with a plan. They tell you planned lives are boring. Don’t believe them. You can plan blank spots too.

This is how it is. But don’t believe me. Go now.

14 thoughts on “Go now, please.

  1. The world will not accommodate you by itself.

    I can sure criticise that thought.

    Of course the world will accommodate you by itself. That’s what it’s doing right now, isn’t it?

    You’re not here for something and you’re not here because of something. You’re just here. Like the universe is just here. It’s enough.

      1. OK. So if you consider yourself something separate from the universe that needs to earn its place, how do you possibly propose to do it?

        You are the product of everything that’s ever happened up to this point in time. You’re not just the child of your parents or your culture or your education. You’re the child of the universe itself.

        What could you possibly do to pay down such an unlimited debt? How could you ever justify your existence? Are you just setting yourself up for a life of failure and inadequacy? Is that how you think you should honour yourself and everything that makes you possible?

      2. Na-uh. I do not consider myself something separate from the universe. Nor did I say it in the context of paying off a debt. What I meant was, that the world will not bend. We have to mould ourselves, we have to make our space, because people usually don’t budge.

      3. But our space is already made for us. It’s what we occupy. We’re perfectly molded to fit it.

        If people usually don’t budge it’s surely because they consider themselves separate to everything else and therefore compelled to resist it in order to make their own space.

  2. Do I need to say anything about the post? I’m in love with you, and everything you do is magical. This is quite relatable as I saw my past stories in this, we’re all kids before we finally are awakened by the reality of life. Many think that while transforming into a mature person, our innocence is lost, but innocence stays with us till we start neglecting it. A very bold and true write. I strongly agree with you. But let’s not abandon those in the bunch who refuse to grow up no matter what, life lessons are truly precious and they change a normal person, making us all unique in one way or the other. You’re beautiful and my favorite writer! Lots of love ♡

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