On the beginning of a new phase of life

       It shall test you, it shall challenge you.
It shall tire and frustrate you.
       It shall stretch you, it shall wring you.
It shall dismay and disturb you.

       But remember darling,
       It shall reward you, help you grow.
It shall afford you your dreams.
       It shall indeed taste sweet in the end.
It shall bring you to me and me to you.

       And sweetheart,
       If it tests you, you have the strength.
You have the wit, the fire in you.
       If it stretches you, you always have a home.
You have me, and in me, all the space.

       My love,
       Take me- I am your bed and blanket.
I am your storm and rain, your breeze.
       The spark to your fire, the water to put it out.
I am your home- come live in me.



10 thoughts on “On the beginning of a new phase of life

  1. Moniba. The most beautiful person on planet earth. Your poems, the way they end, they make me awestruck. You construct them with such deep emotions that it becomes a potential masterpiece. Do something about it, Monibs. You need to. I want to see you become a sensation, trust me, you’ll gather a lot of fan following. I’m your biggest and craziest fan. You don’t know who you are. And I want an auditorium with a crowd of more than a thousand people, thunderously applauding your creativity, and the person that you are. That’ll make you realize that you’re the most unique asset for this world in crisis. Lots of love, dearest favorite poetess ♡

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