The Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Sky

A magical blanket which changes colours with the passage of time is our sky. It has sequins and a crescent embedded on it. The sequins are of all sizes, but there is one that is bigger than all others that are visible. They glint and they squint, they blink and they wink, down at the wearer of the magical blanket.

The crescent, and the big sequin, they glow fiercely, and continuously, no winks nor smiles, they seem angry and sorrowful. They hold secrets unkown to the world. The secrets could kill, the secrets could put the human race in permanent shock. The sun and the moon are the keepers of those secrets, helping each other stay alive even when the burden grows too great.

The secret: This blanket will one day be folded. And before that, it will throw out its stuffing, the stars and the moons will vanish. Then as it folds, it’ll leave the human underneath in whatever state they occupy, but vulnerable and unable to fend themselves.

The sky will deceive the very ones that it gave shade to, for as long as it existed.


7 thoughts on “The Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Sky

  1. Oh my. Awesome. I know I’m over reacting and that I’d read it a long time ago, but still, Awesome. πŸ™‚

    p.s. I’m so excited. I wanted to this for the past one and a half year!

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