You have a soul

Drawing credits to myself and a friend.

Why do you mute her? Wait, does she even have a gender? She must, if you do. Give her a fair chance, maybe? You’ve caged her. But you haven’t clipped her wings yet. You haven’t strangled her. You haven’t tried to kill her. You just want silence, I suppose. You know she can’t be silent. She strives on strife. If you clip her wings, it’ll only be a matter of time till she grows them again. And then she will try harder, she will be stronger.

You’re afraid of her now, aren’t you? She overpowers you with guilt whenever you give her power. Well, guilt isn’t bad. And if she feels it, then there really must be reason for it. She is not irrational. Anything but that. Guilt is actually a strength, did you notice? Because sometimes, what we perceive to be our weakness is in reality our strength. And that which we perceive to be our strength is in actuality our weakness. And guilt…. it gives you the power to be human. As human as only a human can be. It allows you to make amends. It might seem to be suffocating you, but really, it liberates you.

Let her out, let her live. You’re snatching her rights to living from her. Ironic, no? Since she is life. Let her speak. Strengthen her. She only wants that which is good for you.

You know you can’t ever be at peace without her. After all, she’s the one who’ll have the final word.

2 thoughts on “You have a soul

  1. It’s accepted ‘wisdom’ in the West that Westerners are restrained mainly by guilt but Asians are restrained mainly by shame. It’s a claim I’ve always doubted.

    What do you think? Was it ever true? If so, is it less true now than, say, in your parent’s generation?

    1. Perhaps it is true. I don’t think this can ever be generalized over an entire people of any era or place. I’m sorry I took so long to reply, sir.

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