So Satan Said


I will take revenge.
I will go to your humans.
I will make them mine.
I will control them.
I will enter their minds.
I will penetrate their desires and I will mould them against your wishes.
I will occupy their hearts, I will rule their minds, I will make their souls mine.
I will suck all goodness out of them.
I will hypnotise them with evil.
I will deceive them in the sweetest ways.
I will mislead them in the most trustful ways.
I will attack them, in the most pleasant ways.
I will come at them from every direction.
I will knot their necks. I will blind their hearts. I will poison their blood.
I will consume them. From above, below, behind. From the front, and both sides.
I will addict them to myself.
I will threaten them. I will frighten them. I will love them.
I will take a million forms, and each will be a facade.
I will seem to them what they need, while being the opposite.
I will become their god. I will take them from you.
I will invite them, they will respond.
I will make them mine.
I will take revenge.

For they are clay, and I am fire.
I will not prostrate to them.
For they are clay, and I am fire.

I am fire.
I am fire.
I am fire.
I am fire.
I am fire.
I am fire.

Yes. And in fire you shall burn.



25 thoughts on “So Satan Said

  1. as i was reading it the song sympathy for the devil by the rolling stones started (unintentionally) playing in my head… lol, bravo for the writing by the way.

  2. Yes,satans had a lots experiences to disturb us. Sometimes we don’t feel,if satans has managed our hearts. But, Allah has given many duas to protect ourselves from them.
    اعوذ ب الله من الشيطان الجيم
    And yes, in the hereafter they will be burn, and also their followers from jinns and humans.

  3. I guess if Satan really could control you then what you did as a result would not be sinful (or at least not your sin).

    You can only be immoral (or moral) inasmuch as you control your own actions. Maybe they teach that in psychology if not theology.

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