Cry away

I’m at a point where everything makes me cry.

People I’ve been waiting for are finally coming? Cry.
I got the highest marks in a subject? Cry.
I got a B+? Cry.
Gifts for me? Cry.
Omelette for breakfast? Cry.
Inspiration for poetry? Cry.
Finished a great novel? Cry.
Started another? Cry.
A new blank journal for me? Cry.
A message from someone very dear? Cry.
A message from a person I avoid? Cry.
Writing a novel? Cry.
Just got a great idea that I’m excited about? Cry.
Got called in the kitchen? Cry.
Met with best friends after a long time today? Cry.
Had a great day? Cry.
Someone smiled at me? Cry.
Someone scolded me? Cry.
The wi-fi’s not working? Cry.
Everyone’s at home? Cry.
No-one’s at home? Cry.
Got a new ring for myself? Cry.

And not in joy either, but for a reason unknown. it’s depressing, this crying.
I haven’t been writing much these past days, because I knew if I tried to write, something dark and depressing would come out. I didn’t want to write dark and depressing. I don’t like dark and depressing pieces of writing. I discourage them. But I guess I’ve written one anyway. I’m sorry. I swear I’m not in depression. I’m just at that point where everything’s overwhelming and makes me cry.

But the thing is, I don’t cry. I’m strong.


4 thoughts on “Cry away

  1. you are strong person… but some trifles in life make people cry for no apparent and reasonable reasons…
    strengthen your relation with Allah… seek His help and you will be happy again 🙂 🙂

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