13 thoughts on “Nothingness.

  1. Yes, a vacant state can often be the best state to nurture love for Allah.
    But when I feel “nothing”, I can’t even feel anything. But then – yes, zikr would help.

  2. I see a talent of writing letters… letters that mean something. 🙂
    Your “Zikr” part reminds me of mindfulness and mindlessness meditation. It is when we know that nothing makes sense we should be the most calm or even take few steps back, often it helps one to get rid of current distortion, freshens mind for new inputs and sensory analysis. I guess ‘Zikr’ is like opening an eye, acquiring an acute focus again amidst wilderness, rather than standing stranded. Potent writing as usual Mam. 🙂

    • Yes, I love writing letters. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s a lot about them that makes it hard for me to give up on them.
      Well, that’s one way of looking at it. It really is like “opening an eye, acquiring an acute focus again amidst wilderness”, but when I say Zikr, I really mean Zikr. The actual Zikr. Returning to Allah and just remembering Him, talking to Him… Just feeling His presence.
      And thank you.

      • Oh it’s an art lost but definitely still cherished among many. There’s no equivalent of it when it comes to deliberate way of putting the thoughts for one person. And in today’s fast tech paced culture I think we need more of it. 🙂
        About Zikr… I was actually trying to translate your text into an abstract form. Since not everyone is of same religion and many people don’t follow it at all. I believe there’s still lot to a concept even if stripped to its bare minimum. Like it helps for children who doesn’t have yet grasped the concept of God, or for those who’re atheist, or for those who’re polytheist.
        Also when we say return to God, talk to him, one shouldn’t forget the fact that each human interprets/ subjectively perceives the concept differently – despite of many being followers of a same text. 🙂

      • Agreed, lost art but cherished among many.
        I don’t want anyone to interpret it in an abstract form :/ I want you to understand what I want to convey, and just that-in it’s true form. And then you may have your own opinions of course.
        I’m sorry if this seems silly or rude.

      • No nothing is silly here, Mam… 🙂 Audience should be humble enough to grant artists/ writers peace of the mind they deserve. 🙂 I apologize, I was probably thinking out loud in a context of how would I communicate something that I read and it’s so well to my friends, without loosing a gist of it. 🙂 Thank you Moniba for writing a thought provoking stuff. 🙂

  3. I found this piece very powerful. Silence, the space between thoughts … I may be speaking of something different here. To me it sounds the same though.- in undoctrinal terms, the home of the creative impulse. I applaud you on a most interesting and inspiring site.

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