Normality at times

Normality is out of order.
Insanity seems to be needed.
At those times…
It seems better to let go
Of normality, and give in
To insanity.
But at later times…
Normality seems to have had been better
Than mastering insanity.
Because at aforementioned times…
Normality could have made the experience
Pleasurable, whereas insanity
Just made it temporarily enjoyable.
And then ruined the memory.
So at present time…
I favour normality.



4 thoughts on “Normality at times

  1. Normality is strictly for people who can’t handle reality.

    The depressed, for example, are more realistic in assessing their own qualities and ability to influence events than are normal people (i.e. depressive realism). They are also better able to estimate the passage of time.

    Those with psychotic illness are much better at detecting acting and lying than are normal people. They also see through the Muller-Lyon and Hollow Mask illusions, unlike neurotypicals.

    Get real.
    Go insane.

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