For Eternity


Serenity, after restlessness
Destination, after impatience
Peace, after struggle
Ease, after hardship
Relief, after trial
Is what a man yearns for.

And he gets it.
But then…
The cycle repeats itself.
And again comes;
Disturbance, after peace
Hardship, after ease
Trial upon trial
And destination after destination

It never really ends
Except, when he dies.
Upon death, he attains;
Either serenity, peace, and joy
Or never-ending agony.

And the choice remains in his hands,
Until he takes his last breaths.
But who knows…
When the last breath might be?
Breathe now, choose now, live now.
For tomorrow.

You can either burn for eternity,
Or be at ease for finality.


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