People and places make for experiences

The years I’ve spent in this world have taught me a lot. People have given me lessons to treasure, places have lent their experiences to me and I always find nature willing to contribute to my knowledge, wisdom and experience, of which I have little at this age.

There’s one friend who taught me to think in a twisted way. She thinks a lot-unnecessarily. And then she worries. And then she becomes crazy over all the worst possible outcomes of whatever has happened. She taught me to control and direct my thoughts. But she also taught me to think in a twisted way. About every aspect of everything. I control it, but I find it useful at times.  She also taught me to value little things. To accept one’s shortcomings, though she often doesn’t do that herself. She taught me to accept situations, and do something about them rather than fretting over them in a non-productive way. She doesn’t do it, but she taught me to, unconsciously.144350-Real+life+experiences+quotes+(

Then there’s this other friend who is apparently very careless, but at the same time, very responsible. She gives me maturity. She taught me to take everything together, to balance life. I haven’t learned to do it completely, but I’ll get there. She also taught me to cope with whatever life throws at us. I see her struggling and I see myself struggling and I see both of us getting the better of situations we never thought we’d get through. She has a love-hate relationship with life. And in all her uniqueness, that relationship suits her. She’s one of the most thoughtful people I’ve met, and one of the most productive as well. She might not have the best of everything, but she makes the best of what she has. She’s obviously a treasure.

A third friend, who is equally important for me, taught me respect. For everything. Having gone through some very tough situations in life, she’s the most realistic person I’ve come across. She might not be very optimistic, but it saves her from getting crushed by expectations. No, she’s not hopeless-just realistic. She plans the future but she keeps it loose enough to accommodate changes and spontaneous decisions. She expects from life but she keeps it real enough to be able to cope with disappointment. She’s traditional but she keeps the world on track. She teaches me time and again, to plan, to expect but to keep it real at the same time.

There’s another friend I love, and she taught me to express. She taught me to not restrain myself unnecessarily. She taught me that life is not all about rules, it’s not all about others and yet, it’s not all about ourselves. It’s about itself, in reality. She’s the windUntitled

Everyone I know or meet even if very briefly, they teach me something. Passing people teach me too, sometimes by their appearance, sometimes by the phrases of their conversation that the wind brings to me, and sometimes by the way they look at me, other people or the environment. The people I encounter in public transport, they speak volumes without actually speaking too. They teach.

Nature teaches too. My university is the best place I’ve been to. It has trees that whisper secrets, and some of them don’t even need to whisper. Their majestic roots and beards speak for themselves. And oh those twisted trees in the park, they have a very weird structure with which I do not agree. And that is what they teach me. The other trees? They teach me that we’re here to stay whether we like it or not. And that we get through tough times. We’re never tested for more than we can bear. The little ones teach me that we’ll grow-with all the chaos to the side, we’ll grow and we’ll grow strong.

The buildings have a lot to tell us too. They’re old and huge and open. They have cracked walls and tall windows. And then there are the new buildings in contrast to them, with their shiny glass and fresh paint, new desks, clean boards and modern architecture. The library is huge. There’s a world of volumes in there. Its massive structure has been standing for decades, and it has a withered look but it remains poised. It tells me it has experience. That with age comes elegance, comes experience, comes wisdom. There’s a long path that goes from the main gate of the university to the faculty of arts. It teaches perseverance to everyone who walks on it. owing to its length and traffic… I find the path beautiful. I refer to it as the path of the righteous, since it’s so long and straight and tests our patience to limits.

My point here: Everything teaches everything. Provided we’re willing to learn.


4 thoughts on “People and places make for experiences

  1. Yep, everything teaches us everything. But by the same token, nothing can teach us anything. Because we are already something, therefore we are everything. So we already know.

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