Complementary Sounds of Life

I wrote this just to write, since I’ve been close to losing my partially established identity as a writer. And so, it’s rough and unedited.

Complementary Sounds of Life

Whoosh goes the sound of wind
Pitter patter for the rain
Chitter chatter go the words
And blank goes silence.

Crack goes the gun, boom goes the bomb
Chaos of war and mayhem for lives
But there, two doves chirping concord
The sound of peace – after war.

The bubbly sound of bliss
The silent trip of tears
The wailing noise of mental war
The depressing silence of misery.

Look how they complement each other
The light balances the dark
The dark gives way to light
Same goes for everything.

They’re companions, they hold hands
With one comes the other
With the other comes the one
And life happens when they embrace.



6 thoughts on “Complementary Sounds of Life

  1. Hola senorita!
    I love the sounds, the imagery, the words. Sad it is, the ‘silent trip of tears’ and the mayhem, especially the wailing sound of mental wars, but true.
    ‘Light, bliss, life’: they do surely complement their second sides, like companions they hold hands, make things go right.
    Aala poetry.
    P.S. It’s okay to write just to write, at times it’s important.

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