Tints and Shades: Belief

Tinted Belief

Tinted Belief


What we believe is influenced by so many factors… What used to be white turns gray. And after grey it is clouded even more, if the glass isn’t wiped… and eventually it becomes black. For one who wants to keep his belief free of influence, let him be told, it is not possible… But it is up to you, whether the influence is negative or positive, and it is Up to you, to judge the influence, to filter it, and to hold your own.


13 thoughts on “Tints and Shades: Belief

      • Tauba wait na. I was already going to comment an “insightful comment” but ab you won’t believe.
        I like the painting, and the title. Content ka as I said, ‘true’. The woman I see in those colors seems peaceful, like she has already wiped off those gray shades from the glass, and has attained her faith in the purest form. (or maybe it’s a long-time journey but this moment is that of ‘knowing’ if that’s a word.) The sharper colors are ‘influences’ directed towards her, and it’s up to her to ‘filter’ them thek se. Influences aren’t bad, people aren’t bad either. But judging and filtering are important procedures, jis ke bad it gets clear. Tints and shades make us stronger, if we learn to cope up with them. Repaint or clear, up to oneself. But it turns to grey and black if not, and dark colors are dark after all.
        See, it’s so hard to explain myself. And what if this wasn’t the point really?

      • Hahah. You said see comment, so I did. Don’t blame me for being punctual :p
        You’ve got it:) It does mean all that too. But I guess it’s human psychology to perceive stuff the way we want it.

  1. There is a profound truth in what you write, but mundane reality is a bit more difficult.

    We start out being unable to influence our own beliefs and influences and those early influences we have not chosen inevitably come to act as filters for our future existence. That is why so many people automatically feel patriotism towards the place in which they were born and never come to question the religion they received from their parents. By the time we exist as an independent human being many of those early influences, if not set in stone, are certainly hard to view objectively or alter if inappropriate.

    And of course unless we are saints we can’t ever fully control the negativity or positivity of our influences. Very few people will ever be able to turn sustained abuse into a positive influence and that will inevitably affect the way they respond to further influences.

    But the degree to which we are able to filter our influences or choose the negativity or positivity of them are the degree to which we exist as an autonomous person rather than a mindless automaton. Those decisions are the essence of our morality. So we should do our best to recognise when we can apply those filters and strive to do so wisely while recognising that we can never bring it all under control and avoid judging those who seem less able to do so than ourselves.

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