The thing about Diaries

Call them what you may; Diaries, notebooks, journals… The point remains the same. They are lovely things. I for one, am crazy about them. I’d post pictures here of my own diaries and notebooks if I had a camera, but I don’t, so you’ll have to just use your imagination. I love collecting them, I love writing in them, and I love the adventure each one brings to me. They’re sacred things, I tell you.  If you give me a choice between some awesome gadget and a wonderful, unique diary, I’ll most probably go for the diary unless need says otherwise. Why the sudden need to write about such a random topic, you say? Well I was going through my notifications today and I saw a blogger who had followed my blog, so I went to her page, and the first thing I noticed was her header image. So many notebooks. Go check it out.

The Notebook Collage

The Notebook Collage

See how crazy I am about them? I actually made a digital collage. I’ve honestly made only two in my entire life. And no these aren’t mine. Duh.

I have many diaries, some full, some in use and some saved for a special reason. The thing I love most about diaries is that they’re blank when you open them, and then you give them life with your words and drawings. All the possibilities of what I can do with each one… The suspense of what i’m finally going to write in them, how i’m going to start them…  And the excitement of going through them when they’re full and old… *sigh*

Here in Karachi, we have a book fair at the end of every year; KIBF. Karachi International Book Fair. I always go there with family. And since it’s always in December, which happens to be the month in which I was born, my mom usually buys me diaries or journals from this awesome stall there. They have wonderful stuff. And there’s a page on facebook by the name of life.twinkles, they have wonderful diaries too, customizable of course.

Anyway… the point of this post: I’m crazy about diaries(journals, notepads, notebooks, whatever)


7 thoughts on “The thing about Diaries

  1. I was a compulsive diary keeper for a long time.

    I used to write about real daily events but I was using it mostly to monitor my own moods – looking back to see how I felt about something a week, month or year ago compared to how I do now. When you’re bipolar you learn to reality check your own moods or you make lots of bad decisions.

    I also kept notebooks. School exercise books I filled with song lyrics, short stories and abortive novels I’d written.

    Once every few years my life would undergo a major bipolar meltdown which usually resulted in the loss of many of my friends as well as financial, medical and accommodation problems. The diaries and notebooks were always early casualties, usually burned ritually along with photos and other personal items as a way of symbolically breaking with my previous life so I could restart from scratch. It’s less depressing than trying to reconstruct a shabby facsimile of the life I’d just trashed. It was also a kind of symbolic suicide that helped to damp down my impulse towards the real thing.

    I’m still bipolar of course but I suspect my days of destroying my own life with it are over. But what if I’m wrong about that?

    These days all my journalling is done on computer, mostly online.
    Will I have to burn down the entire internet next time I wreck my life?

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