I and Myself [Part 2]: Realization

I stop to think a while
And then I realize…
Running away never helps
We humans, we
Like to complicate everything
If something disturbs me
I should just admit it
And deal with it

So I went back to sleep
I dreamt again
I dreamt of the past, the present, and future
I dreamt of monsters, dead and alive
I dreamt of birds, and kites and hives
I dreamt of people
Ones I knew and know
And even those I have yet to meet

I dreamt of dreams and reality
I dreamt, and dreamt
I knew now that
It was okay to dream
It was okay to feel
It was okay to want
It was okay to be

I learned to stop
Stop being so harsh
On my own self
I learned to accept
My own reality
And that it was okay to just be
The way I am…

8 thoughts on “I and Myself [Part 2]: Realization

  1. ‘And that it was okay to be just me.’
    This stage is THE best stage, the realization part. One who gets that, wins.
    Its okay to dream, its okay to stand up and say, its okay to think what ever i want to. And until its not okay to do so, i can never ‘feel’ okay .
    I loved this. Loved the words, the birds and the monsters, the kites and hives, the start and the end.

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