Sometimes I hate exploring

There are times… When I hate exploring. The world, the world wide web, people, myself… It seems to bring out a lot of bad stuff. I explore the world, I see evil, I see difficulties, I see sinister propaganda, I see so many global problems that won’t be solved any time soon. I explore the world wide web, I see dirt, ’nuff said. I explore people, I see depression, confusion, hatred, uncertainty. I see almost everyone lost, unhappy… And then I explore myself. I see the same.

It’s said that that’s what growing up is. My brother always tells me, you’ve seen nothing yet. You don’t know the world. Well guess what, bro? I seriously don’t think I want to know anymore than I already know. And I know much more than you think I do. I’m not that naive. I want to believe there’s a better part of the world. It’s strange that the bad covers the good so heavily everywhere. I’ve done my digging. I know and I see the good. I’m the kind of person that looks for good in everything and everyone. Yes, it can be disappointing at times, but I think it’s better. Better than what everyone else who sees one side must go through.

If I put my clear and positive glasses on, and then see the world, I see beauty, I see passion, I see the wind. I see exquisite distinction in everything; every leaf, every twig, every surface, every creature. The view then, is breathtaking. If I then explore the web, I see benefit. And if I explore the people, I see love, I see warm and beautiful emotions, I see the reasons behind everything, I see care, and need. And then I delve into myself. I see wonder, I see excitement and talent, and I find myself yearning to do everything that I can for the world and its people and then my mind goes into hyperactivity.ย 

I try not to get discouraged from exploring. It can be a delightful thing. So I’ll keep on exploring the world, its people, myself, because that’s how I can understand everything. Why the world works the way it does, why people are the way they are, and finally… Why I am what I am? I know the answers to almost all these questions. But I want to discover them again, all by myself. I’ll go on looking for all the different shades of the colours of the world. I’ll look into everything the world has to offer. And hopefully, I’ll be able to make my dent here. A beautiful dent. Hopefully, after taking everything, I’ll be able to give my everything too… To the better of this world.

In the end, I reach the conclusion that perhaps… It all depends upon the person. It’s true that we usually see what we look for, or what we want to. I’ll say the clichรฉ thing here: Be the change that you want to see. Peace.


14 thoughts on “Sometimes I hate exploring

  1. Sometimes, I too crave my blissful ignorance. The knowledge of the horrors that are going on the in the world make my soul shudder and I feel helpless and small…very small indeed.

  2. well, i think if experience on the american continents are any indications, sending out an exlporer almost always means the immediate or eventual demise of some noble race and civilization (cortez, columbus, etc) so, if we explore ourselve or each other, it must be under to resolution that .we will find what is good, take only what is freely offered, take nothing from another that will diminish them, and leave them unharmed. so, let any of us explore ourselves or others, but only with the mission of enriching, not enslaving, murdering, or robbing them of who they truly are.

  3. Really nice plans friend. But be sure to always put on ur positive glasses whenever u r on an exploration journey.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautifully said! When the world seems overwhelming, I try to keep in mind that I can sense the breadth of it not just by looking out but by looking closely at the small things that are right in front of me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. But exploring is the best thing.

    Even if you only discover scheisse at least it’s new, not the same old scheisse.

    Most people consider me pretty negative because I explore a lot of negative-seeming stuff (and also because I am utterly cynical about institutions) but really I think I’m more positive towards the world than most people I know. Most of the stuff I find I enjoy.

    • I can’t believe I actually looked that word up -_- Ugh.
      And yeah, I thought so too… You’re open-minded, but a bit toward the negative side. Glad to know it’s not really that way.

  6. Wow, what a perspective…I use the same eyes and ears to see and hear the world but I don’t think I could have ever explained it better than you . I’m loving your writing Moniba ๐Ÿ™‚

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