I and Myself [Part 1] : Discovery

“My Self argues with me, that it can not live with Me, unless I change my Self.”

I drift in dreams…moniba 341
I feel myself
I relax
I’m in my world now
There’s no one to judge
There’s no one to look
There’s no one
To disrupt my peace
To kill my dreams
Inside of a dream

I drift in dreams
I relax
There’s no one here
It’s just me
But then I think
It’s harder to deal with
Than it is
To deal with
Everyone else

I judge myself
Harsher than anybody else
I criticize myself
In harder ways than anybody else
I rebuke myself
The way nobody ever can
I depress myself
As no-one ever has
I cause myself
To break apart….!!

So I force myself
To wake up
And then sentence myself
To nights as restless
As realities in dreams
I shy away
From dreams as well
As I shy away
From reality


19 thoughts on “I and Myself [Part 1] : Discovery

  1. Hi … aam larki … 😀

    Sorry couldn’t visit often … a little too busy … with my Bro’s wedding n stuff …!!!

    About the poem … loved the thought … can so relate to it … No one can be a better judge of your character than you yourself … well except for Allah Pak … Insaan apna behtareen Ehtisaab aur apne aamaal ka muhasiba khud he kar saqta hai …!!!

    Happens to me often … and you are right … it hurts a lot … I mean you feel (there is no better word for it) naked … And the guilt that follows … its just too much …!!! 😦

    Well stay blessed … and write the second part soon 😀

    • Aam larki? What do you mean by that? Ohhhh Ordinary girl!!! 😛 I got it.
      I hope the wedding and everything else went well.
      And yeah… True.
      I’ll write part 2 when I reach it. I’m still on part 1… I still feel the same.

  2. I could relate this poem to myself 10 months ago… Now I can look back and say why did I waste time in the negative bubble. Break away from your comfort zone and watch how God opens doors for you. True story.

  3. I’ve gotta wonder where you’re supposed to stand when you judge yourself.

    To be able to judge yourself wouldn’t you have to start by kidding yourself you’re better than your actions and therefore fit to judge them?

  4. I can very much relate to this….btw did you write part 2?

    “My Self argues with me, that it can not live with Me, unless I change my Self.”

    Mind I ask whose quote this is? Yours?

    And OMG this post is old!
    Ive been doing this these days….I read something from a blog and then bas I dig into that blog and read…read..and read some more!

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