There is no grey


It either is, or isn’t. There is no in-between.

There’s either black or there’s white. There is no grey. The grey is actually the result of uncertainty. It doesn’t really exist, but it exists in our minds. It hangs in the air. It begs for existence. It confuses minds. It clouds judgement. It’s grey. No offense to those who like grey. 

I have to say though, that color is all over the world these days. Everyone sees grey. Grey’s solace. An escape. A hiding place. An easy out. We pick grey when we can’t decide. The black is too extreme. The white leaves no space for doubt. It outs everything. So why not grey?  Huh. Why not? I can see why our elders are so disappointed in us these days. We pick grey. It seems cowardly, no? In olden days, there wasn’t as much grey. People liked to categorize. They made it clear. It was either good or it was bad. It was either right or it was wrong. It wasn’t a bit right and kinda bad. It usually wasn’t grey.

So…. this is to grey. May you vanish from our lives forever and only appear rarely to give us a taste of  uncertainty. So that we don’t forget the uncertainty of life. That one’s important. That must never be forgotten. Ever. That much grey is allowed.


15 thoughts on “There is no grey

  1. Actually I noticed now, I never use grey colour in my life… If I use or I have to use it, it would be always another colour too with grey. Grey is nothing with itself for me but it is something with another colour… Sorry for my language, this is my second one. I loved your post, it was interesting subject. On the other hand grey is the bridge between black and white… nothing can be suddenly white or black… it is a (long) journey to reach white or black 🙂 For example the sun! Doesn’t leave us suddenly, slowly turns the sky from light to dark… It is same for darkness too… So grey is the passage or bridge for our journey… Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. Nice post but I disagree.

    There’s no black or white only shades of grey.

    What you see when you think you’re looking at black or white are simply the limitations of your own discrimination. When we need things to be simple and unambiguous we blind ourselves to the nuances and pretend we can see black/white, good/bad, right/wrong, self/other but they’re not really there.

      • You’ve been off the radar for a while again, everything okay?

        Yeah, pretty much.

        I’ve been doing it a bit tough with allergies for the last month or so as well as concentrating a lot of attention on a sick pet rabbit.

        But my rabbit seems fine now and my allergies are starting to subside a bit (though the weather here is still very bad for them – a friend of mine was just hospitalised for asthma for the first time in decades) so I’m slowly catching up on what I’ve been neglecting.

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