Contributions to Failure

We plan, we promise, and we begin. We do this again and again. We aim for the moon and end up mid-air. Why do we fail? The way I see it, failure is rarely because of lack of resources or opportunities. It’s more because of spiritual or psychological reasons, or simply because it’s not meant to be.

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about it was that we often fail because as we near the finish line, we relax, and eventually lose sight of purpose. And when we lose the initial purpose for which we started in the first place, the flame goes out, we slow down, and then fail or achieve lesser than expected.

Then of course, there’s lack of belief or the weakness of it. We make a plan and believe it possible, but with doubtful hopes. The doubt slowly kills the belief, and even if we go on trying, this affects our efforts. It stops us from taking leaps that could actually benefit our purpose more than anything else. It stops us from doing our best.

There are several other factors that contribute to failure. Lack of self-discipline, pessimism and procrastination are often the causes too. No matter how brilliant our plan, if executed with poor discipline, it is bound to fail. Discipline of personality is of utmost importance when it comes to success., whether it be worldly success or eternal. Pessimism and procrastination are stepping-stones to failure. We step on one, the other is bound to follow. Together they contaminate our energy and take us all the way to failure.

Whatever the causes of failure, we all know it is not a bad thing. It paves the way for success, it teaches us what we needed to be taught before we succeeded. It gives us a chance to improve ourselves, make ourselves stronger. But often, we begin to feel very disappointed after we fail at something and that is only natural. We just need to tell ourselves to get up and try again. It’ll be better this time. Even if we fail again, it’ll be a better failure than the last one.


10 thoughts on “Contributions to Failure

  1. I don’t know that pessimism is necessarily a handicap as long as you have self-discipline.

    Sometimes you’re just facing overwhelming odds and pessimism is the only realistic prognosis, but as long as you know you’ve gotta keep trying – and do so – there’s still a chance.

    And even when success is completely impossible, sometimes you still have to keep fighting to the end. Or at least I do.

  2. “Even if we fail again, it’ll be a better failure than the last one.”

    Well-written Moniba! One important reason to failure is lack of confidence or ‘the lack of belief’ as you called. As long as one is sure of what they are doing, they must put in ALL their efforts together with hopes. If then they fail, failure will be welcomed.

  3. I totally agree with you…especially the part whr u said we relax wen we get to the finish line. And true failure certainly opens a new door for a new opportunity which most times comes with success. Great post.

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