All that’s happening…

With what’s happening in the Muslim world, I find it hard to write. It’s hard to concentrate on any one thing. all I see when I look at something  is how that moment would play out in Syria, or Egypt, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Palestine…. Or even in the more critical areas of Pakistan. Would that even happen there? If i’m drinking clean, filtered water, are the people over there getting it? Are they getting any drinkable water at all? Let alone clean and filtered. And if i’m cooking for my family, do they have families to cook for? Do they even want to cook?…. And if i’m getting a change of clothes, then what are they wearing? Coffins?…. Or bloodied clothes? Clean, black ones in memory of a dead beloved? And if i’m taking meds for a fever, then are they getting the badly needed meds and bandages for their people in severe conditions? I live, I breathe, here in the safety( or the mere illusion of it) in my home, and I see them. I feel them. I imagine them. And my heart aches for them. And I feel the helplessness take over, which is when I remind myself, that they will have their revenge, they will see justice in the end, for there is no one more Just than Allah. And that belief… That’s the only thing that can help them, and me.

I realize that it is close to useless now… To cry for the situation, to think of it again and again, to write about it, to blame the ones who are responsible and wish them ill.. It is of no real use. And to ask ourselves why and how, is just as useless. I find myself thinking what I can do. what we can do. And I come up blank. There seems to be nothing I can do to help them directly. But for the long term… Yeah. I can do a lot. I can think of a thousand ways to help the entire world, and the Muslim ummah in general.. None of them really involve revenge as such. But they are long term ways. It’s something to do.


6 thoughts on “All that’s happening…

  1. Yeah, what to do?

    Ache for them, cry for them, maybe donate a trivial amount to a charity that may or may not be effective.

    I think were I a Muslim I would be attracted to extremist groups and might do the sort of things that make the whole problem worse.
    Even acting stupidly is easier than doing nothing at all.

    Some day you may be talking to disturbed people who have had their heads messed up horribly by this Moniba. I hope you can rely on your own inner strength when that happens.

    • I hope so too. What we can do is build ourselves. Prepare ourselves for that time. Try and raise a generation that will be strong enough inside out to bring a long-lasting revolution. Strengthen ourselves for when the evil forces come for us, and pray. A lot. Do what we were sent for. And indirectly, all of this will help those in turmoil today.
      And to tell you the truth, i’m attracted towards them too.

      • I wish I could put a ‘like’ on your comments too.

        (Vision of Moniba on a hilltop under a green flag, tears drying on her determined face as she gazes forward with hope into an uncertain future)

  2. Well first of all …. Realize this… There are very less people who feel that intense how you feel about them….. It is said that Muslim Ummah is like a single bod and when one part is in pain , whole of the body feels pain…But I see it happening very rare now…. I am glad there are people left out there who still feel like this !
    You can do Jihad bil Qalam…That is the best advice I can give you !
    Loved the article….. 🙂

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