ABC’s of my life…

Thankyou so much, Maria, for the award… It feels amazing to know you think I deserve it.

And as the award asked, here’s what the ABC’s mean to me:

A= Allah
B= Blogging, Blessings, Blossoming talents
C= Compromise, Coffee and Crayons
D= Decisions, Dumb looks, and Default settings
E= Elephantine doubts
F= Family+Friends
G= Gram lentils
H= Hope
I= Indigo
J= Jumpy
K= Kindle
L= Linguistic
M= Manifold personality
N= Nemo, Nescafe, and NIPA
O= Oneness of Allah
P= Purity
Q= Quran
R= Race to eternal success
S= Socializing
T= Traveller
U= Umbrellas
V= Veering thoughts
W= Writer
X= Xylophone… That’s what X has meant to me since Pre-nursery.
Y= Young
Z= Zealous


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