Stars can’t shine without darkness.

A compiled effort by Sumaiya and me. Well… I just added a few touches here and there 😉


She looked up at the sky one day

And wondered about the ways

Of life and death, of big and small

Of water and of clay


All the odds she had ever observed

The list went on and on

In her head she counted them

Until her brain would yawn


She wondered if there’s anything

In the entire universe

That doesn’t compete and isn’t compared

Is there anything not adverse?


She looked once again at the sky

And felt a sudden rush

Of adrenaline running high

And felt her thoughts go hush!


The stars, the moon, how can they shine

If darkness isn’t there

In daytime they do not show

Because sun’s own light they wear


It’s true that antonyms are fair

To know the worth of things

And that shall be the truth of Here

Till the stars up there can blink



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