Truth and Darkness


There is a strange relationship between Darkness and Truth. When I say darkness, I mean the literal darkness; the absence of light. Or the dark. It often happens, that we stumble upon deep, unconscious truths, in state of darkness. At nights, in dark rooms, or just sitting in a dark corner.
I think, and this may seem absurd to you, or you might have heard someone else express a similiar opinion, I wouldn’t know- that the absence of physical light around us, allows us to see the actual truth inside us. When we’re not blinded by the light outside, we can see the light inside. Maybe this goes true only for some people, and maybe it’s this way for all of us. I’d like to know what you think.


22 thoughts on “Truth and Darkness

  1. My experience has been the same as yours.
    The truth hides in darkness and silence.

    Makes the expression “I’ve seen the light” seem a bit inappropriate.
    Or maybe not. Maybe its easier to see in the dark because the truth is light.

    For me, emotional darkness has also been a paradoxical revealer of the truth.

    It brings the horrible lies I believe about myself, others and the world out into the open where they can be challenged (I’m very contrarian, especially with myself).

    Its easy to forget you don’t really like yourself when you’re in a good mood, but that doesn’t mean its not still chewing away inside.

    • Indeed, truth is light. But don’t you think emotional darkness clouds judgment? I think it uncovers prejudiced truths… About oneself, and others.
      Not liking our own self. We should just focus on becoming a better person, rather than dwelling upon how terrible we are.
      Thanks for taking time to express your opinion here, by the way.. 🙂

      • But don’t you think emotional darkness clouds judgment? I think it uncovers prejudiced truths…

        I don’t think I really believe in objectivity. Especially not regarding emotions.

        Probably my opinion is strongly influenced by my bipolar. When you live on a rollercoaster, which place is ‘normal’?

        I think the truth is harder to see from a single perspective. You need to look at it from the highs and the lows and everywhere in between.

        Right now I’m mildly manic and probably heading up. I trust my judgement far less now than when I’m depressed. The highs are when we manic depressives do the kinds of stupid things that lose us our money, friends and health.

        I’m used to fighting what comes out of my head. When I’m down I’m usually fighting dark things. When I’m up they go into hiding and become more insidious.

        I think I’ve learned to embrace all of my emotional states. They come. They pass. They’re all good in their own way. They’re me.

      • Honestly Moniba, I wouldn’t give up my bipolar if I was paid to. Not anymore.

        Yeah, its cost me. But what is there worthwhile that doesn’t?

        Its brought me some amazing rewards that I wouldn’t even have been able to imagine without it.

        Its a gift. A dangerous, painful, wonderful gift.

        Its life, but turned up to 11.

  2. well written. darkness somehow stops time. it gives us moments to stop and think. we realise facts that were otherwise hidden.. in the light, maybe

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