Dear Friend… Let’s Grow Up.

My very dear Friend,
I love you and I love you the way you are. But you need to know some things. The world won’t let you be. It won’t let you stay innocent and bubbly and childish. It won’t let you be you. The world needs you to grow up. You’ve given me a lot to think about… And I need to tell you this, for your own good. You need to let go of all the pouting, the stubborn attitude. You need to realize life. You need to realize what you have is more than good enough. You also need to understand, that you’re not the only one with feelings, yara….


I know you don’t want to grow up. I don’t either. But trust me, you don’t want to remain a child either. You can’t help the world if you don’t grow up. When I ask you to grow up, i’m asking you to become mature. Keep the childhood. But keep it inside. So it doesn’t let you get old on the inside. But do grow up. Take responsibility. For yourself. Feel those around you. And know that life is not fair. It isn’t supposed to be.  Just because you deserve something does not mean you will get it.  Realize and accept these things as a fact of life. Keep your goals in sight, stay happy, and do not let the unfairness of life demoralize you. Life is hard and everyone else has had to overcome obstacles. Be a child when you need to be, while being a grown up at the same time.

Someone rightly said; Why be born again when we can  simply grow up.

My very dear Friend, growing up does not mean becoming totally serious, hardly having fun, and having to deal with stressful matters all the time. It just means accepting responsibility. Being mature. Getting a wider, more realistic perspective of things. And you know what? It makes us a better version of ourselves. It allows us to flourish, to bloom… It is a good thing, to grow up. We must realize, that every single act of ours, has a direct effect on everyone else. We must learn to control our emotions, become a stable, rational person.

We need to grow up. The world needs us.



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