Meaningful, Meaningless, Meaningful.

Me: Tell me. Why does life have to be this way?
The other person: It’s a mystery.

Me: Why, though?

The other person: It’s a game.
You see, the difficulty keeps changing.
You need to adjust, be better.
Learn how to play the game.

Me: It’s not a game… It can’t be. It’s life.
True, the difficulty keeps changing. It comes at us from a different angle every time…
I keep thinking to myself, ”What’s it gonna be next”?…

The other person: But one challenge should prepare you for the next. It does.
You know the challenges aren’t going to stop. Life itself is a challenge. So just learn…to face them.
Me: I don’t know… Everything seems so pointless now…
The other person: Of course it does. We all have those times.
When disappointment takes over. Life seems meaningless. But don’t you see??…
That in itself is the meaning of life!…

Me: Meaninglessness is the meaning of life?
The other person: Hahah.. No. The cycle of being meaningless and meaningful…
The difference between them. The definitions of those two words…
Knowing and understanding them, and then shaping life accordingly.
That, my friend, is the meaning of life!…

Me: What would be the difference between those two?
The other person: Find out for yourself. Your restlessness tells me you’re close to discovering it.
Find that out, and you’ve found the meaning of life.
Live according to it, and you’ve already passed all the tests ahead of you.

Me: ……..
The other person: Think. Feel. Observe. Accept. And then you’ll find it.


6 thoughts on “Meaningful, Meaningless, Meaningful.

  1. Wow…what a post…Nice presentation, thought provoking & interesting ..
    Well, I also feel life is a mystery… & with every theory there comes another question …another question..the more we try 2 probe inside & understand the meaning of it..the more complex web it becomes..

    • Thankyou! 🙂 It feels nice to read comments on my words. Esp the nice ones!
      It is indeed a mystery, it keeps unraveling itself to us the more we ponder upon it. Questions will keep coming till we breathe our last, and we will keep on getting answers till the last moment too. Whether we realize it or not.

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