Let’s try him again.

Dear Pakistan… You have a new ruler now. He’s been tried and tested twice before now… They weren’t very good experiences. But the people of Pakistan want to try him again. Let’s see how the next 5 years turn out for you. We’re still with you.  We’re still trying.

Dear Country… We know you’re tired. But you do know, the night has to get quite dark, darker than it is now, before light starts coming through. And when it does come through, it’s going to shine bright. Until then, we’ll continue doing our part.

Dear country… We will continue doing our part, I assure you. We will not give up on you. Even though, hope seems to be scarce right now, but we’re going to get back up, and we’re going to fight for you. We will make sure Pakistan becomes Pakistan, literally. We will see the sun rising,  but unfortunately, we will have to see it set completely before it rises.

Dear country… We got you after a gazillion sacrifices, we do not want to lose you now… Not after we’ve come so far. When I think of the time period from 1930 to 1947, I see the Muslims of the subcontinent trying so hard, for you. Crying for you, dying for you, breathing for you. Giving everything up in hopes of you. Sacrificing their  days and nights, their blood and sweat, their lives and their homes, their families, their present, past and future… I imagine what they must have felt when they actually witnessed your creation… And I imagine the pain and bliss of those who never got to see you but believed with everything they had, that their sacrifices would mean a lot to you. Then I imagine the torture they must have all felt, and the pain you must have suffered when you were divided, after being complete for not very long. When a part of you separated itself from you… But you survived it. You got back up, and so did the people. You always do, my dear Pakistan… You are strong. You’ve had to be.

You time to rise...is not very far

You time to rise…is not very far

Dear country… Live strong. You will survive this wave too. Your people are waking up from their deep slumber. There is hope still. You are the land we acquired in the name of Allah. He will make sure you survive, and rise…as high as you can.



9 thoughts on “Let’s try him again.

  1. I hope you’re right Moniba.

    But I suspect Pakistan will be waiting a while yet for the leadership it needs
    and deserves.

    I was a big fan of Syed Saleem Shahzad and have felt utter hopelessness for the country since the ISI murdered him.

    Maybe we’ll see some improvement after the US exits Afghanistan (and hopefully stops its drone attacks).

  2. We can all hope.. We need to. Insha’Allah, things will get better. The muslim world is struggling, but we will make it through the bad times to rise high.

  3. Was going through your posts and stumbled upon this one…It is heart touching…I am a big patriot like you and I love Pakistan more than anything…. Have you watched Azaad Pakistan documentry? If not, just see it. You ll come to know what elders did to make this country and what are we doing now ? I hate polotics…Pakistan will get a nice leader like quaid e azam for aure someday…Lets hope for the best !!

  4. Pakistan Zindabad.
    You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
    I will rise again.

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