Dear Mug…

I have a strange attachment to some objects… A passionate attachment. And it is usually those objects that face an unfortunate end. There were the green and white bracelets that had been gifted to me by a close friend. I was deathly angry at my sister when she pulled at them and the beads scattered all over the floor. I still have the beads, safe in a box. There was a silver ring… that I lost. And cried over. Several other things that I do not remember anymore.

A few days ago..I got a mug. A huge mug with thick edges. It was heavy, reliable, and beautiful.  It was a gift too. We couldn’t use it to drink in, so I started using it as a pencil holder, and it sat proudly on my desk for a few days… And for some insane reason, I actually started studying intently, with that mug on my desk. I didn’t know I had become attached to it, but everyday I would spend some time re-arranging the stuff in that mug, putting it on its proper place.

Then, last night… The mug met its fateful end. My sister threw a cushion at me, sending it flying on my desk instead, causing the mug to fall back on the carpet. And it broke. For a few seconds, I could not believe it. I couldn’t figure out how to react. And then…. The anger I felt, was insane. I was so angry, that I couldn’t possibly hold it in. I didn’t even bother picking up the pieces…

The End

The End

I haven’t given up on it. I’m going to fix this one. It has thick edges, and it didn’t break into unsalvageable pieces. So i’m going to try and fix it. Hopefully, it will work…

Broken Mug 004

A prettier picture


One thought on “Dear Mug…

  1. The Japanese tea ceremony is carried out with mended pots and/or cups.
    It is a perfectionist celebration of imperfection (i.e. reality).

    Don’t strive to recreate lost perfection.
    If it was your mug before it will be even more so after you fix it.

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