Memorization and its effect on intelligence

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Alhamdulillah, my son recently completed Hifz, (memorization of Quran). We moved from Karachi to Winnipeg, having not been in a regular school for about 2 years, I was worried about how he would cope. Especially with the language issue, and that he would be learning French for the first time in his life. Now, just 6 moths later he is multilingual, can read, write and speak Urdu and English. Has beginner knowledge of Arabic and French and speaks Punjabi as well.

I started to home school him throughout the time he was in Hifz, we focused mainly on rudimentary math and language skills. A lot of reading and conversation. Then 4 months of intense all subject training including French. He was tested for English and Math prior to placement in Grade 7, and in 3 months, he has masha’Allah gone from a 50% in math to a whopping 90+% and has increased his reading and comprehension two levels. The most…

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