A long, straight road

Sometimes, when i’m travelling on a long, straight road.. I wish the ride would never end. That the car would never stop, and the road would never end… It relaxes me… It enables me to think. It clears my mind.. The wind rushing in my face, the rush of it sounding quietly in my ears… It feels like the wind is blowing my thoughts into place. Suddenly my mind opens up. I get space, and closure to myself.  I hear myself thinking, as opposed to all the other voices all the time. I start seeing myself,  for who I am, rather than who everyone sees me as or expects me to be. Sometimes, it horrifies me. And sometimes, it surprises me… And not very often, it pleases me.

Car Window

It feels so very refreshing. The scenery outside, the busy people, the poetic trees… And the sounds of everyday life.  At times, it gets me thinking. Those people out there, they all have lives too. Lives with meaning. Lives with all the commotion that the world hands out to us… That’s when I realize, that the world is huge. I’m just a teeny, insignificant  part of it. Well, not exactly insignificant, but still insignificant. I get a wider perspective of the world then.. I get out of myself, and start thinking of others. I start making myself significant, by making others significant in my life…


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