And so you burnt for me…

Her: Hey, you there?
The Other person: Yess. What’s up?
Her: Nothing..
The other person: Something wrong?
Her: You know it. I think.

The other person: Is this about your friend?
Her: Her too.
The other person: Marriage?
Her: I lost interest.
The other person: What is it?
Her: I Slipped. Into. Deep….
The other person: Drugs?
Her: Depression.
The other person: Ohh..

Her:  I can’t eat. I don’t feel like going anywhere, not upto seeing anyone. Just tears. All the time, whenever no ones around…
The other person: Hey. Let me tell you something. We cannot change the cards we are dealt, but we can choose how we play the hand. You can choose to return to being awesome. You just don’t want to.
Her: I can’t…
The other person: That’s crap.
Another thing. Two things are infinite; The universe, and human stupidity. In your case, i’m not sure about the universe. 
You must stand up. That really is an option.

Her: I tried…
The other person: 
So what? You fell while trying to climb the wall. Why do we fall? So we can choose another path and start climbing again.. 
Her: I can’t…
The other person: Psh..

Her: And since when are you so wise-ish?
The other person: I’m wise?
Her: -ish.
The other person: I picked it up from someone else.
Her: Oh.. who would that be?
The other person: You.
Her: Lies..

The other person: Haha.. Sure, sure. You were my idol.
Her: Lies..

The other person: Hah. You don’t like admitting the truths.
Her: Lies..

The other person: Look, I love you. Don’t disappoint me.
We share blood. If you can’t do something, I can’t either. But I know you can. I will not disappoint you again. You can’t either. 
Talk to me. I stopped talking to someone important so I could talk to you.. So worth it.

Her: Now you’re just saying things to pull me out.
The other person: I swear. I speak the truth.

Her: Okay. Fine. Please talk to the other person..
The other person: And No thankyou,  I’d rather talk to you. It’s been a while..
Heyy.. Are you still there??
Her: Yeah.
The other person: Say something.. Have my words had any effect on you? They were true. All of them…

Her: Yeah, they made more water and salt come out of these things I see with. 

The other person: If not then I’ll try again. I won’t give up. Because I know you won’t either.

Her: I’m okay.

The other person: You will be soon. Keep healing.
Her: I’ve stopped praying… 
The other person: What good did that accomplish?
Her: None, but I stopped.
The other person: Lost faith?
Her: No…  I don’t know. I stopped doing pretty much everything.
The other person: Tell me.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
It’s a serious question.
The answer is a logical one.
Think about it.
Her: Just to get to the otherside.
The other person: But why??  
Her: Because she thought she wanted to. 
The other person: Alright, it’s a he, not a she.
Her: But he died on the way. 
The other person: No, he didn’t. Think again.
Her: He wanted a change of scenery.
The other person: Close, but no. Survival of the fittest in a way. He did it to escape.
He was tired of living on the other side.
And he was down on himself.
So he crossed the road..
To prove he wasn’t a chicken.
 Her: And died…
The other person: Wrong , hmade it.
Her: No, he died.
The other person: It moved on… You will too.
Her: I dont see it
The other person: The road? You’re right in the middle of it. You don’t understand.
The road represents difficulties.
Her: Then i’m gonna die, because i’m not moving.
The other person: Start praying again.
This time,
Don’t pray for an easy life.
Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.  
You see, some humans, are the light that separates everything else from the darkness. You 
shall be the light.
Her: And you already are. Thanks.
The other person: I’m just the flame. You’re the candle itself. All you needed was a little energy.
Her: And so you burnt for me…

9 thoughts on “And so you burnt for me…

  1. Reblogged this on portfoliopassionsandpurple and commented:
    We’ve all got that one person in our lives whom we turn to when we want someone to encourage us to live again…sometimes we we don’t find any such, we have to be that person ourselves…
    for all the philanthropists and the philanthropists to be: the world needs you… 🙂

  2. Oh boy thats some really amazing reasoning for that ‘chicken’ part…..gave me another dimension to the question. And those last lines exchanged….just so awesome!

  3. I honestly though I’ve commented enough for today…but I just had to comment on this one. 😛
    This was just lovely! You write beautifully…Keep writing.

    Yes,I am sort of stuck to your blog for sometime. :3

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