The second bundle of joy

I love babies. My sister just had one. A baby girl, she’s adorable. We’ve named her Soha. Babies are wonderful creatures… It’s amazing watching them grow and develop. And it is unbelievable how fast they grow into fine, walking talking human beings. They’re so delicate, it’s scary holding them… In fear of doing something wrong. I wonder how first-time mothers feel… I get scared when I hold them, I worry about their uncannily soft heads and small features, such delicate, thin skin… And it is very puzzling when they cry, after having been cleaned and fed and well-rested. My mom says that’s how they communicate, and that crying is good exercise for them.. And I get that. But it’s still…crying and wailing!!

Note: The pic isn’t of my sister’s baby, I just picked it off google πŸ˜‰ Β 


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