No, maybe, yes. Wait, no.

Life is a series of decisions. Good ones and bad ones. These decisions spell our lives. Every moment, we have a decision to make. “Should I say this? Should I ask her? Should I tell or should I hide? Is this what is expected of me? How do I get myself out of this?”…These decisions are what make us. Because each of these decides how the next moments of our lives are going to play out.
Decisions are often hard. They’re often painful. They are sometimes relieving. And sometimes, they come to us as a reflex….when we don’t have to think about them, we just know what to do, instinctively or reflexively.
Some people are born with the ability to make decisions with ease, and known to stand by them. They have the power of taking appropriate decisions in times of need, of stress, with confidence. That is because they are strong. Strong enough to face whatever consequences their decisions might present. Because they know that they stood by what seemed right to them. They trust themselves. And they don’t leave their own side when things get rough…
I for one, do not have that power. I can make decisions, but i’m never sure of them. And I tend to make hasty decisions, which I then regret for the rest of my life. So no, I’m not a good decision-maker. Sadly. I do wish I had that power.
At this age, I have a lot of decisions to make. They are my future. I have to decide my future. Decisions about education, careers, health.. And decisions about people, about friends and about family, about relationships. About the rest of my life. These decisions will affect a lot of people, not just me. I just hope and pray, that I’ll be able to make decisions in best favor of everyone. I don’t want to cause anything bad… I only wish good for everyone.



12 thoughts on “No, maybe, yes. Wait, no.

  1. “At this age, I have a lot of decisions to make. They are my future. I have to decide my future.”

    It would be wonderful if it were that simple.

    At this point in history most people don’t really have the ability or opportunity to decide their own future.

    From cradle to grave we are inundated with an endless flood of propaganda, marketing and mind manipulation. At home, work, church, school, play and in nearly every moment of our waking lives we are being molded and shaped to fit into the system.

    We are steered into lives governed by a ruling class that cares only for power. They strive to keep us docile and compliant. We are influenced and coerced at every turn, our decisions confined to a very limited menu designed to prevent any deviation from the path the ruling class has set for society.

    We are processed through schools that are factories designed for the production of workers and consumers.

    We make most of our decisions in an attempt to “succeed” in a system that defines success for us and offers no options to that definition. We must succeed according to these terms or else.

    So yes, there are many decisions to be made, not the least of which is whether or not the choices being offered really give you any choice.

    People are forced to make decisions base upon the endless pursuit of material “happiness” while never giving a thought to contentment.

    • You’re right… These aren’t entirely our decisions we’re making here. We’re only just picking one from what is offered. Oh well, it does seem to me like i’m deciding my future here when i’m making all these decisions… But you’re right. And It never turns out as we want it to. Thank you for taking the time to read through this 😉

  2. People who are unable to decide are usually the ones who think a lot. Thats why they have such a hard time deciding as they are constantly thinking and re-thinking about the pros and cons of what might and might not happen as a result of that decision. However once you do make a decision, stand by it. And don’t worry, you are not alone in this 🙂

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