There are kinds of pains you can feel:

It can be sharp:

So that it stabs you and pierces you.

Then relieves you and makes you bleed.

Then recurs, and leaves slow-mending

Scars on your heart.


It can be suffocating:

So that when it envelops you,

The world feels too small to breathe in;

So that you feel that the only escape

Is into the realms of another world

Where you may finally breathe.


It can be tearing:

So that your heart rips apart,

Yet no one appears to know.

And you yourself have to cradle it,

And stitch it together with inexperienced hands.

(So that it pains more.)


You may know other kinds of pains too,

But this pain that I feel:

It’s deep.

It is all around you, and goes into you.

It swallows all that is,

So that you sink slowly. eternally,

To the…

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