We’ve become shallow.

Today, in fact just an hour ago, I had the honor of conducting a presentation on achieving goals among the girls of my area. We talked about 2012, all that it brought with it, the changes in ourselves, and in the world. We also discussed our thoughts on a question; “What if we die at the end of this year?”, what will we regret, and for what would we want a second chance, and also, what would we do with a second chance if we were to get it.. And then we came to discussing our previous, current and future long or short-term goals.

I was surprised to discover, that our newer, younger generation thinks of nothing but of their studies, their friends, and their interest in the opposite gender, and also, they think they don’t really need to change themselves. I was shocked. I know how we are these days, I know how polluted the environment is, and how polluted our minds are. But I don’t know why, I didn’t expect it here….and on such a serious level! I still can’t think of anything else.

We need to think about this. About our priorities, our purpose, our mission, our goals… What does our life revolve around?? Studies, career, friendship… Is that it!? Is there nothing else to our lives!? Have we really become that useless, that shallow?…


13 thoughts on “We’ve become shallow.

  1. I have found among my circle of friends we are CONSTANTLY looking to find inner peace by self reflection. I was surprised that you found the opposite! I think maybe you need to broaden your circle before you feel desperation. I assure you there are LOTS of young people wrestling with introspection! Hope that brightens your outlook!!!

    • I was specifically talking about young Pakistani Muslim girls…
      And I’m glad to hear that… We do really need to reflect upon ourselves, our lives, our world, our end..

  2. Important questions! If you look at a lot of the world today, much of it seems shallow, a lot of American culture (which I grew up in) is definitely in this category. One of my favorite poets Suheir Hammad once said that “popular culture keeps our minds numb to the world” and I think its true.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic!

    • I conclude that we’re living for all the wrong reasons. We’re struggling for wrong reasons, we get depressed for wrong reasons.
      Remember that hadith which says we’re travellers here in this world? Well, that’s all there is to it. I might sound clichè, but that’s how I believe it is. This is a journey, and a test. All of our struggles, goals, priorities need to revolve around that belief, around faith.
      Also, I wrote this at the end of 2012, and although most people I meet really do seem to be this shallow, there is a majority that actually thinks about the right things. I’m not so hopeless anymore.
      Tell me what you concluded?

  3. I think that human misery is inevitable. It is as natural as gravity. This unsatisfied quest for meaning shall last till our last breaths unless we really believe in Oneness of God. Once we understand that we are slaves and He the Master then willful surrender of actions must follow. and that many of us are pious as long as we haven’t faced an opportunity of evil and that many of us are pious out of pure routine. I will try to put my exact thoughts on paper and shall tell you more but note that once we say that the purpose is the God’s will then that’s it, nothing can be said more on this. All conversations about the meanings end in God’s name if speakers are believing people.

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