December, I feel obliged to welcome you.


After reading so many posts about December by so many bloggers, I now feel obliged to write one too, even though ten days have passed.. So I decided to write about what December means to me. But… Now that  feels plain boring. And to tell you the truth, it doesn’t mean anything particular to me. Though it is the month in which I was born..

Anyhow, I wonder why December is given so much importance! Isn’t it just like November  and October? And January and February and March and August and June, July , May, April? (Have I got them all?)  Oh and September! They’re all the same aren’t they? They’re the months of a year. What is it then, that makes December stand out? Why does it mean so much to the poets? And to everyone else with emotions?

It’s probably because it’s the last month of the year.. And also because because it’s cold.. Weather has a direct influence on us, our moods and our emotions. So, I welcome you, December. You bring back with you some strong memories…


9 thoughts on “December, I feel obliged to welcome you.

  1. I think it is also because of the holiday season with Christmas and New Year around the corner. You get a fresh start in a month’s time. Plus, with decorations galore all around and festivities in the air, it makes you feel good & upbeat!. That’s why I love December! 🙂

  2. December is more special for the cold, poetic atmosphere, which makes it the romantic month of the year! Plus its the last one, so ofcourse everybody gets excited for the fresh start and a memorable end! And ofcourse, THE STRONG MEMORIES!! 😉

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