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Today I am up with my own philosophy and I really know what  a piece of junk it is, but I still want you to give it a read!

Candle life is a way of spending your life. You must have heard that a candle burns itself to give light to others, but nay, that’s not what I am talking about! Read this:

Yesterday when the lights went off (thanks to load-shedding to help me get a post idea ) and unfortunately, the power generator didn’t work too, we had to have a candle-light dinner! 😀

At some point of the story, a candle was about to fall on the table-cloth. I, startled by the sudden scene, took a step backwards with a little scream. But my father took  a step forward and saved the candle from falling, and also us from any possible mishap. Well, this gave food to my thought:

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