We’re all Lonely.

Each of us is lonely. We’re not alone…. We have people who care, people who love us and who we love. People who’re here for us and with us. We are not alone. But we are lonely.


2 thoughts on “We’re all Lonely.

  1. You know, just two days ago, I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly. But I’ve found the solution to this little snag in the fabric of life- and I’m still basking in the beauty of this simple discovery. When you learn to love your own company, you’re never lonely- whether you’re alone or not. And what’s more- It just seems to increase your capacity for love and happiness so much more. I appreciate others a lot more when I’m happy with me. 🙂
    Apart from this, the only thing I still seem to lack is my purpose, my passion. If only I find that, I think I can say I’ve found nirvana. 😉 But yeah- current mission: finding my passion. 🙂

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