A big hand for Pakistan – It survived.

It survived… It survived the Bhuttos, it survived Junejo, Nawaz Sharif, and Jamali and Gilani… It survived Ayub and Yahya and Zia-ul-haq. But most of all…It survived Musharraf and it survives Zardari. No matter what people say, moi country is strong. It has to be. To be able to face these challenges, to stand up to all the greedy eyes..and to not let go of its people….Pakistan has to be strong! It bleeds and it cries and it sweats. But it stays strong. It sways, it wavers, it stumbles, it falls, but it always gets right back up!

It is Pakistan. My land. Pure and sure. It has seen a lot, been through a lot, survived through a lot, Now…let it rest. Let it rest for it is tired. It is tired because it has been working against evil for 65 continuous years. To prove itself. To completely free itself. To shape itself into a utopic homeland for us. It has been trying desperately to get out! Out of all the sinister claws, all the sugar-coated propagandas…and all the quicksands that WE set up for it. Yes, my dear readers. WE did. Whether we’re Pakistani or Indian or American or whatever. we all helped put Pakistan into strife, especially if you’re Pakistani. And we are the ones that can take it out. How? We need to think about it, each for himself. What can we do to let Pakistan finally rest…?


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